Connect Programme

Sharing good practice in Bible-centred youth work

Over the years believers from both Hungary and the UK have benefited from working together. Much has been learned, experienced and seen of God through relationships built and camps & training carried out alongside one another. For Christians from the UK to experience worshipping and serving God in another culture has provided invaluable space for personal growth. It expands their view of the world and affects how they live and serve back in the UK.

The CONNECT aspect of Acorn exists to facilitate opportunities for Hungarians to contribute to, see and learn from UK youth leaders in a variety of settings including churches and their youth events, camps and training events for youth leaders.

Particularly the aim is to give Hungarians the opportunity to widen their experience in:

  • quality bible teaching which is expository, faithful, clear and relevant
  • evangelistic youth events in action
  • how teams work together, preparations are done, and follow up is carried out
  • how youth ministry and events work within the context of churches

Simple as A-B-C

  • Acorn hears of suitable mature youth leaders who are interested in widening their experience of Bible-centred youth work
  • Bible-teaching churches / events / conferences in the UK have opportunities available for brothers and sisters from Hungary
  • ‘Connections’ happen…people learn from each other…God’s work grows and Christ is made known…

Connect UK Options

There are a whole range of options available, a number of which are listed below:

  • UK youth summer camp or convention
    (e.g. help on Ventures, Contagious, Keswick)
  • Visiting a UK church, getting involved in the life of their youth work – for a long weekend or more
  • Youth conferences or training days in the UK
    (e.g. attending Growing Young Disciples, Sorted)
  • Residential camp centre
    (e.g. volunteer at The Oakes, Yorkshire Camps, Gaines)
  • Gap-year as a ministry trainee with a UK church

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