A risk assessment table to be filled out before camp and updated on-site.

Acorn Camps seeks to have activities of the highest level, that are fun, active, and safe. It is inevitable that accidents will occur, but the risks of accidents need to be minimised. It is therefore the responsibility of the camp leader to carry out a general risk assessment of the camp site before the camp begins. This includes risk to young people and to leaders.
Further, potentially dangerous activities need to be assessed individually for their risk.


  1. Write down all potential hazards (first page: activities, second page: site safety).
  2. Who is in danger and how?
  3. Calculate the risk by scoring the hazard on the severity of the risk, and the likelihood.
  4. Think about how you can minimise the risk, and then calculate a revised level of risk now that actions have been taken to minimise it. Hopefully it should be lower!
  5. Review the risk assessment form once you have visited the site. Your designated team leader should check the form.

  • a hazard is anything that may cause harm,
  • the risk is the chance, high or low, that somebody could be harmed by these and other hazards, together with an indication of how serious the harm could be.

All the information is taken from the Five steps to risk assessment and further information can be found at www.hse.gov.uk or HSE Infoline: (Tel: 0845 345 0055)

Risk Assessment Form
Risk Assessment Form