Food on Camp

What type of food should you expect in Hungary?

Be aware of the differences between what food you’re likely to have in Hungary, and how it could differ from what you’re used to…

Hungarian cuisine is known for its flavour (more so than British food!) and you can generally expect to be given plenty of meat and carbs while on camp. Hungarians eat their main meal at lunchtime (giving time to work it off during the afternoon!) and you can expect bread for breakfast and often for the evening meal too. Look out for the delicious pastries that Hungarians do so well, together with veggie-rich water-based soups and sweet pasta puddings!

Teams in the past have found it worth bringing out some fruit bars or picking up some fruit / cereal & milk from a shop if given the opportunity. Alternatively, some have tried eating a bit more bread before coming out, to help their body get used to it in advance. Be sure your team leader lets the Hungarian leader know in advance of any dietary requirements you may have.