What can you expect?

What can you expect to do in your free time while on camp?

Depending on whether your camp is a day or residential camp, you’ll have some free time either in the evenings (day camps) or at the weekends on either side of camp. Sometimes, a day out with the young people in the middle of the camp is possible. What you do very much depends on the place you’re visiting – whether it’s near to or far from Budapest and other bigger towns, financial considerations, availability of transportation and team size. Options in the past have included walking trips (take lots of water if it’s hot!), visits to local sites of interest, a trip to the baths/swimming pool, bowing, dragon boating, gathering to watch sporting events together and pizza nights. It’s a great opportunity to bond as a Hungarian & UK team together, get to know and care for one another, as well as to take time out from preparation and the busyness of camp.

On residential camps, it may be good to ask if the Hungarian team could organise a trip out/some of the programme one day. This gives the UK team a chance to rest during a busy week. It may be worth checking with the Hungarian leader if the UK team should bring anything specific (hiking shoes/swimwear, extra spending money etc.)

At the lake with the team one evening after camp!