Worship on Camp & Song List

Think through in advance how to love and serve one another as you sing praises to God on camp…

All teams will be made up of people with different gifts, so be sure to share any musical skills you’d like to use on camp in your pre-camp meetings. Your team leader can chat with the Hungarian team leader about who would be best placed to organise and lead the music on camp. It may be someone from the UK or Hungary. That person should have a couple of months to choose, prepare, practice and coordinate songs for the camp. 

Depending on what instruments you play, it may be worth asking the Hungarian team if they’re available in Hungary (eg. guitar, cello) This can minimise luggage and transportation needs. It’s also important to check if there’s a piano on-site and if your team could use one. 

Singing worship songs in 2 languages?* It’s worth choosing songs that are reasonably straightforward to teach, learn and sing. Given that English will likely be their second language, fast songs with lots of lyrics per line will be a bigger challenge to learn and sing heartily. When introducing songs it’s worth talking through the lyrics together before learning the tune. Explaining any vocabulary or abbreviations may also be helpful. Some camps where English learning is a strong priority might welcome correction of pronunciation too (if in doubt you could check this with the Hungarian leader).

* Find attached a list of English worship songs which are available in Hungarian. For sheet music, get in touch with us!

Questions to think about include: 

  • Will we need tech/mics and if so, who is best equipped to manage that? 
  • Have we got the lyrics and translation on PowerPoint, and a laptop & projector to project from?
  • Are there any songs the speaker would recommend, that fit well with the talk scheme?
  • Do we have a mix of reflective/upbeat songs? Do they teach the message of the talk? Do any encourage a response to it?
English Hungarian Worship Songs