Acorn Bible Training

The heart of what Acorn does.

Acorn’s Bible training – Acorn Bibliai Képzés (ABK) – trains Bible teachers to be better equipped to handle the text, communicate the text, and see lives changed.

ABK is a 1-year foundation course that seeks to give youth leaders the tools they need to teach God’s Word a little bit more faithfully, relevantly and clearly to young people. A 5-step training model enables ABK students to not only study but also put into practice what they learn. Over 8 sessions students are required to:

  • Watch a model youth group and have time to learn, reflect and give feedback to the speaker
  • Study the Bible text and are given tips and tools on how to understand the Bible
  • Write their talk, with help to get the message right and get the message across
  • Give their talk to their youth group
  • Listen to feedback on their talk and reflect on the whole process

The training is for youth pastors, leaders and volunteer leaders who already have some experience of teaching the Bible in their youth groups. Students prepare and teach part of a series of consecutive Bible passages, with the help of a mentor before and during the camp.

A separate website shares more detailed information for potential applicants from Hungary to the course and those wanting to support the work from Hungary. The prayer is that the ABK course would facilitate the vision of Acorn to bring the life-giving Word of God to the youth of Hungary through Bible-centred youth work.