Minute to Win It!

A great whole camp game that can be played indoors. Very flexible and lots of fun!

Minute to Win It is a round-robin style game where campers are split into teams and rotate around different challenges. Each challenge is 1 minute.
2 teams compete against each other to either be the fastest or the best to complete the challenge.

You Will Need

  • Big indoor space
  • 4 tables (at least)
  • Game sheets (with challenge ideas).
  • 1-minute countdown video (find on YouTube)
  • Resources for each challenge (find more details in ‘Set Up’ document)


  • Pre-camp, choose which challenges you want to use, and edit the game sheets accordingly.
  • Pre-game, choose a leader to run each table. Brief them on the challenges they will have (2 per table works well)
  • Set up the room. Place tables in a round-robin format. Make sure each table is easily accessible and has enough space. Preferably, set-up the countdown video on a big screen.
  • Split the campers into teams. There needs to be 2 teams per table. Don’t forget team names!
  • Send 2 teams to a table. Give the table leader time to explain the rules of the first challenge.
  • Put 1-minute on the clock and let the game begin!
  • After the challenge, give the table leaders time to record points before starting the next challenge.
  • Rotate half the teams clockwise, and the other half anti-clockwise.
  • Continue running the game until all teams have completed all challenges.
  • Collect the game sheets from the table leaders and add up the points to find the winning team!
Game Sheets
Game Sheets
M2WI Set Up